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Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 26 January 2010 19:55



    * SEE MODELS & Large PICS BELOW  *

      <<<  shipping is approx. 8-10 weeks  >>>

                We appreciate your Interest

           in our New Truly REVOLUTIONARY

                      Surfboard Design !!

        ALL of our Boards are Hand-Finished 

               from 2-lb. Virgin-EPS-Foam ,,,

{ Stringers are Available in a Variety of  COLORS !! }


       We are Proud to Offer 7-Models, 

in 2- Distinct Styles,   (Beginners & Advanced)


        so,, CALL Us !!  JON @  954-205-3598

              give us your Specs & Dims,,,

  We will make a CUSTOM-Designed Board with

our Patent-Pending Designed  “SweetSpot”TM,  

                      just for YOU !!!


There are NO other Boards in the WORLD,, like a BevelBoard


               Get Yours NOW  !!! 

     Prices start at  $ 1200.00-USD

         Compare to other Boards @ this Price,,

                    & you'll SEE the Value !!

                    These ARE,,,

     the Only Surf-Boards In the WORLD

with Our Exclusive Patent-Pending Design !!

      SS-1-Model              the " Grouper "

                   The " GROUPER " is just like the Big-Fish in the Sea !!

Our Super-sized Fish-Model comes Stock @ 6-3 X 21 1/2,,, designed for up to 200 lbs.

If you're a Bigger guy, then we'll just make a Bigger GROUPER for ya,, give us a Call !!



        SS-2-Model            the " STINGER "

                          " STING " the Waves with This Model,,, Light & Fast !!!


    SS-3-Model             the " Paralyzer " 

           This Futuristic Parabolic Design simply put,, will PARALYZE any Wave,,

                     Countdown,, 3-2-1,, it Surfs like a Flying Spaceship !!!


   SS-4-Model           the  " Li'L  Shyster "

         The Li'L Shyster,,, the Best Li'l Run-around Surfboard out there,,     

         when we put our Patented Design on this 5-8 x 19 SQUASH,,,

         we finally figured out how to spell the F-word,,, Farrrr-Out,  Dude !!!




   SS-5-Model              the  " BlowFish "

                   The BlowFish is Perfect for ridin' those smaller Waves,,

                          Don't get Down cuz the Surf ain't Up,,,,, 

                   Catch the Wave you Crave on the " SweetSpot "


SS-6-Model- " QuintaBolic Pro "   $ 1800-USD

          *** THIS BOARD IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY, & ya better know what ur doin'. ***

    IF,,, you have Read all the Material I have provided for you here about the "SweetSpot",,

                   Think about it,,, You KNOW, what this Board is gonna DO !!!


     SS-7-Model                  the " CHUBBY " 

                              ** This Board gives you the Long & the Short of it **




         For more Info,,     E-mail us   


        This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   


                 or call  JON @ 954-205-3598


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              (Go to _Home-Page)



               (Go to About Us)







                 Copyright 2010-2011  BevelBoardSurfboards.com. All Rights Reserved.             

                                     The BevelBoard Surfboards Company, Inc.

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