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Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 17 March 2010 22:16


    Are you Bored with your Board ???

    You NEED to Ride the New,, Patent-Pending,,

           It's a BevelBoard TM


                     As the waves approach,,

you’ll be able to Grab the Siderails with your Thumbs,


  allowing you to Duck-Dive with a lot less effort!


                           As you continue paddling,,

you'll be Amazed at how easy it is to Control your body


              and the direction of your board,


'cuz of how your Torso fits into the SweetSpot.





                    And when you’re sitting,,,


       getting ready to turn to catch your wave,


              your body Sits “just right”,


       letting you make a quicker turn-around.


                        How EASY is This ??



         Now,, pick your wave,, here it comes,,


 paddling's a whole lot faster and more efficient


as you glide into your wave, and then,, here we go,,


                     the Grips are there again,,


   helping you to Stand-up quicker, (with less slippage),



allowing easier Control of your Board, and helping you


get a faster Drop-In on a Better part of the Wave !




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