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The " IT " Factor
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Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 18 March 2010 02:39


   Can you Feel  “ IT ” ???





       And Now for the BEST part,,,


the SweetSpot is gonna help you ride ANY wave,



 big or small;  Yep, it’s gonna give you a better ride



         regardless of the size of the wave.



No more of them “down” days cuz the surf ain’t “Up”!!!!



 Because of our Unique Patent-Pending Design,,,


you’re going to be making Digs & Cuts with Ease,



      while others around you are struggling;



You'll be the One everybody's gonna be checkin’ out !!





the "SweetSpot",, is Available in 2 distinct Prototypes;




      Proto-1 is for Beginners- Intermediate Surfers.



The SweetSpot on Proto-1, is not as deep or as



steep as on Proto-2, and also is not as long as Proto-2.



            Beginners WILL feel the difference


from a regular board on their very First Ride,,, 



 and make quicker progress, gaining more confidence



 in their surfing-skills in a shorter period of time.




      Proto-2, is for the Advanced Surfers 



the SweetSpot is much deeper and steeper,



    which will allow the rider to be able to perform



More Significant Maneuvers (depending on Skill Level)



also the Proto-2 has a much longer SweetSpot



        for advanced feet positioning and control.




        By having more defined, steeper Side-stops,,,



 along with an Advanced Front-stop and Back-stop,,,



   the Rider is going to be able to take this Model



to previously Unimaginable Extremes !!!  Woo-Hoo !!



   Waves are " Firin' " dude,,, Let's Hit it !!!!!!!!!!



“ Catch the Wave you Crave ”




                                      on the



                         from the  


BevelBoard TM    Surfboard Company




         !!!!!  ORDER  ONE  NOW  !!!!!


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               ( go to Board-Pics-Page )             





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                                The BevelBoard Surfboards Company, Inc.

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